Case Study: Juvenon

Case Study: Juvenon

About Juvenon

Industry: Health & Wellness, Supplements

Founded by renowned scientist Dr. Bruce Ames, Juvenon creates science-backed supplements that help improve cellular health and extend healthy lifespans. Based on licensed technologies from major research institutions, a commitment to quality, and a generous guarantee, Juvenon has earned an impressive reputation in the supplement marketplace.

The Challenge

Juvenon's tech stack was becoming a hindrance to continued growth. With multiple APIs, marketing tools, and systems in place, data flow was complex and automation opportunities were being missed. Streamlining these systems and leveraging technology to drive revenue growth were key objectives.

The Solution

  • Tech Stack Assessment and Optimization. Gizio conducted a thorough audit of Juvenon's existing technological landscape, identifying areas where integrations and automation could be improved.
  • Expert API Integrations and SaaS Expertise. Gizio seamlessly integrated various APIs and implemented best-in-class marketing SaaS tools. Our ability to rapidly learn and deploy new technologies was crucial in unlocking Juvenon's growth potential.
  • Focus on Revenue-Driving Initiatives. Gizio's technical expertise enabled Juvenon to launch impactful new marketing campaigns and initiatives, ultimately fueling increased sales.

The Results

  • Streamlined Tech Processes. Increased efficiency, enhanced data flow, and unlocked the ability to scale more smoothly.
  • Successful Marketing Launches. New marketing efforts were seamlessly supported by integrated, optimized technology.
  • Contribution to Revenue Growth. Gizio's efforts significantly contributed to Juvenon doubling their revenue during our time working with them.


The Store

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